Laser therapy

Among the many non-surgical choices for thinning hair, Laser Hair Therapy is a common option that is effective, non-invasive, painless, and has no known side effects. Patients not only experience a slowing down of hair loss, but also existing hair becomes fuller and thicker as a result of laser treatments. Some patients may experience hair regrowth.

Since many of the medications that treat thinning hair cannot be prescribed to women due to safety concerns, Laser Hair Restoration is often a good option for female hair loss patients. Laser Therapy is an effective non-invasive, chemical-free treatment to help stop hair loss and it should be medically supervised. The benefits of laser therapy for patients are many:

  • Easy treatments performed at your home or in our center
  • Faster healing of the scalp and suture areas after hair restoration surgery
  • Thicker, healthier, stronger hair
  • Increased hair volume
  • Decreased inflammation and edema for problem scalps.

Hairmax Lasercomb

For use at home Enhance Medical may recommend the HairMax Laser Comb for effective and easy laser treatment for thinning hair and hair loss.

The hand-held HairMax Laser Comb is FDA-cleared to promote new hair growth by using low-level laser light, or phototherapy, to stimulate blood flow in thinning areas. Used three times a week for 15 minutes each time, this device has been shown to help create noticeable results of fuller, healthier, thicker hair in just three to five months.

Before considering purchasing a laser therapy device such as this on your own, it is important to see a hair loss expert who can assess your hair loss and recommend hair loss treatments and products that will work well for your specific hair loss.