Rhinoplasty: Nose Reshaping Information Step by Step

step 1

Before surgery, this patient has a slightly hanging nose with a hump and a large tip


step 2

After surgery, a splint is applied to help the bone and cartilage of the nose to maintain its new shape.


step 3

After surgery, the patient has a smaller nose, a straighter bridge, a well-defined nasal tip and an improved angle between the nose and upper lip.


Important Questions About Nose Corrections

Can I decide the shape of my new nose?

At your consultation, you can discuss what you want to change about your nose with the surgeon and agree what size and shape nose you would like to achieve. There are many considerations to be taken into account and these will be discussed during your consultation with your surgeon.

Will I have any scarring?

Many plastic surgeons perform rhinoplasty from within the nose, making their incision inside the nostrils so scarring is undetectable. Occasionally open procedure (operating on the outside of the nose) is more suitable especially in complicated cases.

What happens after a rhinoplasty?

After your rhinoplasty surgery is completed, you will have a plaster cast that is applied in the operating theatre. It is important that this plaster cast is not removed for a period of at least 7-10 days.

A Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) Patient’s Story

Sharon Easdon was thrilled with her nose job, and with her surgeon Mr Renato Zacheddu. Her nose had bothered her for years and when she had finally saved the money to have the procedure, she said it was the best thing she’d ever done.

Very few of us are born with the “perfect nose” and unfortunately many people are dissatisfied with what nature provides. The nose job, officially called “rhinoplasty” is one of the top 3 procedures requested and performed and is a popular choice for both men and women to reshape the nose.

According to 2011 statistics from industry body BAAPs, rhinoplasty procedures were up 10% in 2010 and the nose job is now the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure for men.

The procedure is ideal for:

  • Over-large, long or wide noses
  • Humps or bumps protruding from the nose
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Both women and men can benefit

A Rhinoplasty could provide significant enhancement to the appearance of the nose for both men and women.

Your free consultation is a good opportunity to discuss rhinoplasty surgery with a surgeon.

Your surgeon will look at your medical history and listen very carefully to your requirements. You will probably have very clear ideas about what parts of your nose you want to minimise and the eventual shape you’d like to achieve. Your Surgeon will then give you honest, expert advice on what sort of outcome you could expect.

Your Surgeon will advise on the benefits as well as the risks of undertaking facial surgery and will outline what to expect at the hospital, explaining the procedure in detail and the recovery/healing process as well as aftercare.