Even for women who have taken great care of their facial skin, the neck area can be particularly ageing when skin starts to become loose and saggy, forming lines and wrinkles that can’t be treated with non-surgical treatment.

Threadlifting is ideal for rejuvenating the neck area, as it gently yet effectively lifts and tightens the loose skin, bringing back smoothness and definition of the jaw and chin.

Performed as a day case in our Dublin clinic, the procedure refreshes the neck area to turn back the signs of ageing, which can be exacerbated by sun exposure, diet or smoking.

This procedure is ideal for:

  • People with a general “saggy” appearance to the neck, including wrinkles, lines and loose skin
  • Restoring the definition around the chin/jawline
  • Both women and men from the age of 38/40 onwards

The results are very natural in appearance and as a day case it is surprisingly simple yet effective.  Your face will simply look refreshed and less tired.


Silhouette Thread Lift

At Enhance Medical Ireland, we use Silhouette Thread Lift techniques and threads.  This offers our patients the opportunity to get a fresher, brighter looking face with a number of advantages over a traditional face lift:

  1. 1.Local anaesthetic, not general
  2. 2.Day case procedure with no hospitalisation
  3. 3.Shorter recovery time.

The threadlift face-lift technique that is performed in our Dublin day care centre.  After a short recovery, the patient can return to rest and relax at home.

Due to the speed of the operation, it has even been called the “lunchtime lift”, though we would advise against returning straight to work!  We normally suggest refraining from your usual activities for around 5 days while the initial swelling and bruising dissipate.

The Surgeon will make tiny incisions in the neck before inserting the “threads” beneath the skin.  The threads are anchored in deep tissue to produce a tension which lifts the sagging tissue.

The procedure generally takes about 1 hour for the neck, although this does vary depending on the individual and the work agreed.

“Silhouette” threadlift sutures are the most innovative to date.  They are approved by the US FDA and have received the CE mark. These approvals are unique in the market.

The threads are made from a biocompatible material which has been used for many years in cardiovascular and ophthalmic surgery.  They are designed to produce a much stronger suspension mechanism than traditional threadlift methods and avoid problems of movement and pain which occurred with barbed sutures. The results are outstanding.

Your free consultation is a good opportunity to discuss threadlifting surgery with a surgeon. Your surgeon will look at your medical history, listen very carefully to your requirements and give you honest, expert advice on what form of neck lift surgery is right for you.

A thread lift can not replace the full effects of a traditional surgical neck lift, which also removes excess skin. It is, however, quick and effective and avoids the hassle, risk and cost of surgery under general anaesthetic.

Your Surgeon will advise on the benefits as well as the risks of having a threadlift to reshape and refind your neck. He/she will outline what to expect at the clinic, explaining the procedure in detail and the recovery/healing process as well as aftercare.