Brow Lift Surgery

The brow lift, or sometimes known as a forehead lift, is a procedure that specifically targets loose skin and wrinkles on the forehead, caused by old age, to achieve a smoother appearance.

This procedure is ideal for:

  • People with a “saggy” appearance to the forehead
  • Wrinkles, deep lines, loose skin on the brow
  • Both women and men
  • A brow lift may be all it takes for a younger looking face. Alternatively, it may be completed as part of a Face Lift or in conjunction with other procedures such as eye bag removal, eye lid rejuvenation, or neck lift surgery

A brow lift may be all you need for a younger and fresher look, however alternatively it can be performed in conjunction with other facial surgery procedures such as a face lift or more commonly, eyelid surgery.

Brow Lift Surgery

During the procedure, the eyebrows are raised and any loose skin is removed and tightened, which will give a more youthful appearance, as well as opening up the eyes.

An incision is made slightly behind the natural hairline and running from ear to ear across the head. The forehead skin is lifted and the incisions are closed with stitches.



Will the wrinkles return after an eyebrow lift?

During your medical consultation your surgeon will point out that the skin will continue to age. It is important that you understand that the ageing process will not stop after a browlift. However, although it can’t stop the natural ageing process, the removal of excess skin will provide much smoother and more youthful appearance.

Who is the most suitable browlift patient?

The best patient is someone with a general saggy appearance to the skin. If the patient also has lots of wrinkles, non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatment can be combined with a brow lift for an improved overall result.

Could I have a face-lift at the same time?

Yes, the best results are achieved when these two procedures are combined resulting in a dramatic overall improvement.

Will there be scarring after facial rejuvenation?

In the case of a brow-lift an incision is made close to the natural hairline. During a facelift incisions are made in the natural crease lines. In both procedures post operative scarring will fade over time and become virtually undetectable.

Your free consultation is a good opportunity to discuss facial rejuvenation surgery with a surgeon. They understand the very individual nature of this surgery and can give honest recommendations on what you are trying to achieve.
Your surgeon will look at your medical history, listen very carefully to your requirements and give you honest, expert advice on whether brow lift surgery is the right choice for you.

Your Surgeon will advise on the benefits as well as the risks of undertaking facial surgery and will outline what to expect at the hospital, explaining the procedure in detail and the recovery/healing process as well as aftercare.

We take the consultation stage very seriously at Enhance Medical and provide this service free and without any further obligation, so that you can be fully informed about your cosmetic surgery options.