Breast augmentation or boob job continues to be the most popular cosmetic procedure in Ireland. Breast enlargement simply increases volume to the breast tissue, improving size, shape and the overall appearance..

The procedure is ideal for

  • Women who are naturally flat-chested
  • Those that feel that their breasts are out of proportion with the rest of their bodies and want a “curvier”, more feminine shape
  • Women who have lost volume in their breasts, either through breast feeding, weight loss, pregnancy or ageing.

Breast augmentation or boob job continues to be the most popular cosmetic procedure in Ireland. Breast enlargement simply increases volume to the breast issue, improving size, shape and the overall appearance.

The procedure is ideal for

  • Women who are naturally flat-chested
  • Those that feel that their breasts are out of proportion with the rest of their bodies and want a “curvier”, more feminine shape
  • Women who have lost volume in their breasts, either through breast feeding, wight loss, pregnancy or ageing.

The Breast Enlargement Procedure

The Surgeon starts by making a small incision – this is normally just below the breast in the crease, so it will be unnoticeable after healing under normal underwear. He will then create a pocket for the implant to go in. At your consultation your surgeon will discuss with you the positioning of the implant, depending on your physical characteristics and the look you are trying to achieve.

“Submuscular” – implant placed partially or totally under the pectoralis major muscle

“Subglandular” – implant placed on top of the muscle and over the glands

After careful placement of the implant, the wound is closed and dressed. You will be given specific aftercare instructions by your Surgeon, but most patients are advised to wear a post-operative bra or chest strap for the first few weeks. We also advise you take a week off work.

Before Surgery




Implant on top of the pectoral muscle



Implant under pectoral muscle


Why Choose Motiva Breast Implants?

Motiva Breast Implants have been manufactured using the latest technology, with new, innovative
techniques and safety features. They have listened to both surgeons and patients and have developed this
revolutionary range of breast implants. Please see below some of these features and reasons to choose
Motiva as your first choice of breast implants.

The TrueMonobloc™ configuration links all components of the implant to the same tensile strength. This allows the shell to act as a whole structure, making insertion easier and improving the implant mechanical qualities under stress.

Motiva Implant Matrix mechanical testing results exceed the specifications of the ASTM F-703: Standard Specification for Implantable Breast Prostheses (Section 9.2) 6, required by the FDA and ISO 14607:2009 (Section 7.0).

The unique and patented barrier layer indicator provides a safety feature only present in Motiva Breast Implants. The presence of a barrier layer minimizes silicone gel diffusion into the body, a feature that has been a standard in the industry for more than 20 years. By doing this we can significantly reduce the risk of capsular contracture in all Motiva implants. The BluSeal indicator, allows surgeons to verify the presence of this important safety component around the entire implant. This provides 100% assurance of its presence in every Motiva Implant used. The BluSeal indicator has complied with the most
rigorous quality and safety standards of the American Society of Testing and
Materials and ISO.

A passive radio frequency identification (RFID) transponder, is the world’s first FDA cleared micro- transponder for use in humans and the only one with CE-Mark when used in a breast implant.

Q Inside Safety Technology consists of a biocompatible micro-transponder programmed with a unique 15 digit numeric sequence that is accessed by a proprietary handheld reader when waved over the breast area. The 15-digit number delivered to the reader corresponds with a secure, online database that can be accessed via the Internet only by
authorised persons.

Through Q Inside Safety TechnologyTM, physicians and patients have access to secure, non-invasive verification of implant-specific data.
Unlike product and warranty cards that are typically provided to a patient undergoing breast augmentation or reconstruction, Q Inside Safety Technology can never be lost or misplaced.

Q Inside Safety Technology has been proven safe and effective, and is compatible with MRIs and mammography, CT and other Diagnostic Tests.

The TwinPack™ packaging system allows the surgeon to order and use a pair of implants of the same size from exactly the same production materials and sterilization lots. This gives him the maximum assurance to be implanting devices with the same expiration date, which improves implant traceability and patient safety.

SilkSurface™ nanotexture
8000 pores of 16 Microns depth per cm2.

VelvetSurface™ texture
1800-2200 pores of 40-100 Microns depth per cm2.

Motiva Implant Matrix® surfaces are obtained without the use of salt or sugar crystals resulting in a safer surface. Controlled surface treatment is accomplished through Motiva 3D Inversion™ Manufacturing Process,resulting in:”
Controlled Surfaces: Change “Nano-Texture” for “NanoSurface”; “pores” for “contact points”; “texture” for “MicroSurface”; in both cases watch the superscript on the “2” in cm2.

Motiva Implant Matrix® Silicone Breast Im­plants comply with the Highest Quality Standards

  • Medical grade, long-term implantable silicones with extensive chemical, physical and biological testing, filed with the FDA.
  • Raw materials provided by the largest and most reputed medical grade silicone manufacturer in the US, with a safety record of more than 30 years in the medical industry.
  • Mechanical testing results that exceed the requirements of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) F703-07 and ISO 14607:2007 Standards.
  • Enhanced safety profile, as demonstrated by the biological testing results, in accordance to the US and European Pharmacopoeias as well as the ISO standard 11737-1:2006 Standard.
  • Establishment Labs offers the world’s first breast implant containing Q Inside Safety Technology that enables your breast implant to be identified externally in your physician’s office with a proprietary handheld reader.

Important Questions About Breast Augmentation

What size can my breasts be increased to?

The surgeon will usually attempt to increase your bust size by at least two sizes, for example from A to C cup size. However, you can only be made as large as medically possible. During your consultation the surgeon will be able to assess approximately the cup size that you will increase to afterwards.

Where do the implants go – “under” or “over” the muscle?

At your consultation and in discussion with you, your surgeon will choose the positioning of the implant, depending on your physical characteristics.
“Submuscular” – implant placed partially or totally under the pectoralis major muscle
“Subglandular” – implant placed on top of the muscle and over the glands

Will my breasts look and feel natural?

Yes, once the breasts have settled. During the first few weeks following your operation your breast enhancement will feel very firm, swollen and pert.

What implants do you use?

We only use high quality Allergan implants for your peace of mind. We offer both the standard Allergan implants in traditional round shape, or the top of the range Natrelle™ breast implants which offer literally hundreds of options of size, shape and texture. The Natrelle™ implants are available in a more natural anatomical or teardrop shape as well as traditional round and come with a lifetime guarantee.
We do not use PIP Breast Implants and stopped using these over a year ago in Spring 2009.

How do I know which size to go for?

Don’t worry – your surgeon will assess your physiology and discuss your preferences with you before recommending the best implant to suit your frame and give you the look you want. Enhance Medical also offer the Biodynamics® Breast Analysis System in a Computer Assisted Consultation which takes very detailed measurements, after which you can literally see and feel the effect of your new implants by wearing specially made breast prosthesis under a purpose-made stretchy vest. This is available with a Natrelle™ consultation.

Will I need to take time off work?

Yes, normally 7 -10 days is required off work unless your job involves any lifting or carrying, then you may be advised to take more time off. In this case the surgeon can supply you with a medical certificate for your employer.

Will my breasts be painful afterwards?

Many Breast Augmentation patients say they experience more discomfort than actual pain, though you can expect to feel sore and tender afterwards, and you will experience a certain amount of post-operative bruising and swelling over the area(s) treated.

Can I speak to someone who has had a breast enlargement?

Yes, many of our staff have had a breast enlargement and various other cosmetic surgery procedures. We also have many patients who are happy to talk to you about their own experiences

What care do I need to take post-operatively?

Our Patient Care Coordinator will give advice and you’ll also receive a free Patient Information Booklet at your consultation. Do give consideration to post-surgical support bras – the right garment will really help your healing and recovery.

Why would I need to have my implants replaced?

Implants can be replaced for many reasons, including wanting to change the shape or size of the implants, breasts change due to weight loss or gain, age or having children.

Will there be the same amount of discomfort?

The pocket or capsule has already been made so if the implants are going in the same position, for example under or over the muscle, there should be less discomfort than the previous procedure.

Is the recovery the same?

Having a breast implant replacement should be treated the same as the initial procedure, 1 week off work and 4-6 weeks recovery.

Will there be more scarring?

Where ever possible the surgeon will use the existing scar for the incision, there may be instances where an uplift may also be required and more scarring would then be necessary but the surgeon will discuss this in full at consultation.

A good surgeon will look at your medical history, listen very carefully to your requirements and give you honest, expert advice on which form of breast surgery is most suitable for you.

Implants simply add volume to the breasts to make them larger. Depending on the amount of loose skin you have and how large you want to go, you may also consider a breast uplift (mastopexy) or an uplift with implants. An uplift allows the surgeon to reshape the breast if it has started to sag and give a “perter” profile.

Your surgeon will also advise on what to expect at the hospital, explaining the procedure in detail and outlining the recovery/healing process as well as aftercare.