Buttock lift surgery is a procedure often performed on patients who have experienced dramatic weight-loss or those who want to attempt to turn the clock back and achieve a perkier and more youthful looking bottom.

This procedure can often involve a combination of liposculpture and removing excess skin and tissue to create the desired shape.

A combination of surgical techniques can be used to reshape and lift the bottom. Excess skin is cut away, and liposuction is often used to remove excess fat. The remaining skin is then lifted by an incision at the top of the buttocks to achieve a tighter and smoother contour.Generally this operation leaves a scar along the upper buttock, but can go down the sides if a further incision is required. If you only have a small area of excess skin at the bottom of your buttocks the scar can usually be hidden by the buttock crease.

The bottom Lift procedure is performed under a general anaesthetic and will require an overnight stay in hospital, if you are combining the procedure with a thigh lift, this will require a two night stay. The stitches will be removed at your local clinic approximately 7 days after your procedure.

What is recovery like following a Bum Lift?

We advise that you rest for at least a week after your buttock lift procedure, and be extra careful when sitting. You will be in some pain and discomfort and will have swelling and bruising around the treated area for approximately 4 weeks.

How do I find out if a bum lift is right for me?

An appointment with your surgeon is an opportunity to have an open and frank discussion about what aspects of your arms you are unhappy with, how the condition may have arisen and the improvements you would like to achieve. Your general health will also be assessed and the surgeon will recommend the best course of treatment. If you wish to have excess fat removed, rather than excess skin, liposuction may be a more suitable alternative.

How soon can I exercise after a Bottom lift?

You should not participate in any exercise until approximately 4-6 weeks after your operation.

If you would like to learn more regarding this cosmetic surgery procedure then why not book a free, no obligation consultation with a GMC registered cosmetic surgeon and dedicated patient care co-ordinator.

At your consultation you will be able to discuss the procedure in detail and ask any questions you may have. Many of our patient care co-ordinators have in fact had a procedure themselves so can share their experience with you first hand.