The skin on the upper arm often loses tone, or is flabby as a normal consequence of the ageing process or following weight loss.

The skin sags, creating a loose bag of skin that hangs from the lower side of the arm when the arm is extended. This is commonly known as bingo wings or bat wings. The cause of the bat wings is ageing and gravity, loss of supporting fat and tissue or loss of muscle tone, in either case, the effect is sagging upper arm skin.

Arm reduction surgery removes the excess skin and fat from the arm. Some Surgeons adopt the technique of minimal incision using asymmetric ellipse. The incisions are placed in the most inconspicuous location. The surgery involves removing excess tissue to reduce the circumference of the upper arm.

Liposculpture is some times used combined with the skin and fat removal.

An arm lift is one of the more extensive cosmetic procedures and requires a two night stay in hospital. However, the end result can be dramatic with an overall improvement in your body contours. After an arm lift you will probably need to convalesce for at least 14 days. If your job is quite strenuous involving lifting, the Surgeon may advise a longer period.



Important Questions About Armlift

Am I a suitable patient for an arm uplift?

If you want to remove loose or sagging skin on your upper arms, this procedure could be helpful for you.

What are my options?

Your Surgeon will explain the options available for achieving the best result according to your individual case and your personal preferences.

How long will the recovery take?

Recovery time varies from person to person. Your Surgeon will advise you to take two or three weeks off work.

Can I expect aftercare?

We take a special pride in our excellent levels of post-operative support and aftercare. To monitor your progress, we will invite you back at prescribed intervals for follow-up examinations with your Surgeon or our nursing staff.

After surgery

After surgery is completed, you will have small tubes positioned at either side of the incision (these are necessary to expel excess fluid and will be removed before you go home). A dressing is then placed over the incision.

Drink plenty of water in the first 24 hours to replace fluid lost during the procedure.  An Arm Lift requires a two night stay at the hospital so your immediate recovery can be closely monitored by members of our medical team.

Your recovery

Recovery depends greatly on the extent of the procedure. Expect to feel sore and swollen for several weeks. You will need to wear a pressure garment for 6 weeks.

Strenuous activity should be avoided for 4-6 weeks, but you must keep active to ensure good circulation. Although most of the bruising and swelling usually disappears within three weeks, some patients may experience swelling longer.

Post-op appointments

Post-operative follow-up is of paramount importance. Each patient undergoing Arm Lift surgery will be given post operative appointments for wound management and suture removal. Post-operative instructions are vital and we consider it very important that you adhere to them. Failing to follow these guidelines and attend your appointments can adversely affect the outcome of surgery and put your safety at risk. Following an Arm Lift the patient is asked to return on specified appointments approximately at 7, 15, 30 and 90 days, or as required. Occasionally it may be necessary to return more regularly than those stated.

A full and frank discussion with an experienced cosmetic surgeon is essential prior to undertaking any surgery. This is offered free of charge and totally confidentially, with no obligation to proceed.

To arrange a consultation, or for any other queries, please complete the form or else feel free to call us at our offices and we’d be happy to help