Breast uplift, otherwise known as Mastopexy, is a procedure that lifts and reshapes the breast to create a pert, uplifted profile.

The procedure is ideal for:

  • Women whose breasts appear saggy or pendulous
  • Women whose breasts have changed following pregnancy, breast feeding or weight loss
  • Women whose breasts have lost tone as a result of relaxation of the ligaments

If extra volume is required then a breast uplift procedure may be combined with implants for the best overall result.

The surgeon will carefully remove a small section of excess skin from each breast to lift the bustline, resulting in a much more youthful appearance.

step 1

The Surgeon will carefully remove a small section of excess skin from each breast to lift the bustline and will also reposition the nipple


step 2

This image shows the new position of the bustline and nipples.  The scarring is underneath the breastle


How do I know if surgery is right for me?

Your surgeon will to tell you which form of breast surgery is most suitable for you and will help you understand the risks. Only you can decide whether the operation is right for you. Your surgeon will help you achieve your aim. Although no surgeon can give a guarantee, cosmetic surgery should not be scheduled unless there is a good chance you will be pleased with the result. The final decision remains one that only you can make. The exact method of surgery is determined by the amount of loose skin you have in the breast.

Where is the scar going to be?

The scar for a standard mastopexy is often placed around the nipple, from the nipple to the natural crease under the breast and then along the crease of the breast. Various methods may use different scars. All surgery requires a scar and all scars take time to soften and fade. You will not see the final appearance of your scar until up to a year after surgery. The scar is usually red and raised for the first month or two after your operation.

Who makes a good candidate for a breast uplift?

Women with small, saggy breasts will benefit the most from a breast lift. If the breasts are too large, gravity may make the breasts sag again. If you are planning more children in the future then you should postpone surgery as pregnancy may stretch the breasts again and counteract the results.

Will I need to have implants inserted during my breast lift?

When too much volume has been lost to achieve a full breast shape an implant will be necessary. In some cases a breast enlargement is performed at the same time to increase the overall size of the bust.

Will I be able to breast feed after a breast uplift?

No, in most cases the milk ducts are cut when the breasts are being repositioned during the operation, preventing breast feeding in the future.

A mastopexy, or breast lift is designed to reshape your breast to give a “perter”, more youthful profile. Depending on your physique and how large a breast size you’d like to achieve, you may also consider breast augmentation instead or as well as an uplift. Implants simply add volume to the breasts to make them larger.

Your surgeon will also advise on what to expect at the hospital, explaining the procedure in detail and outlining the recovery/healing process as well as aftercare.

We take the consultation stage very seriously at Enhance Medical and provide this service free and without any further obligation, so that you can be fully informed about your cosmetic surgery options.