Breast reduction surgery is a procedure that will reduce the size and weight of a woman’s breasts.

Far from being a blessing, an over-large bust can cause real discomfort with back and shoulder pain being very prevalent. Large breasts can cause embarrassment and distress, giving a person confidence issues. It can also make clothing choices very difficult.

A skilled surgeon will pay attention not just to the physical apsects of a breast reduction, reducing the size and weight of the breasts. It is vitally important to recognise that a good aesthetic result will be required to produce well-proportioned, perfectly shaped, breasts.

Breast Reduction Surgery Information

Female Breast Reduction Surgery – What a Mammoplasty Involves

Step 1

The Breast Reduction operation involves removal of excess breast and skin tissue to reduce the overall size of the breast and also reshaping of the breast itself and repositioning of the nipple to create a higher bustline.

Step 2

This diagram shows the position of the scar after the operation. The breasts are smaller and the nipples are higher.

Your free consultation is a good opportunity to discuss breast reduction with a surgeon. They understand the physical limitations of having larger breasts and the associated problems they cause.

Your surgeon will look at your medical history, listen very carefully to your requirements and give you honest, expert advice on whether breast reduction surgery is right for you and how much smaller you could expect to go.

They will advise on the benefits as well as the risks of undertaking breast reduction surgery and will outline what to expect at the hospital, explaining the procedure in detail and the recovery/healing process as well as aftercare.

We take the consultation stage very seriously at Enhance Medical and provide this service free and without any further obligation, so that you can be fully informed about your cosmetic surgery options.